Solostove in the Hoosier National Forest

Solo Stove Lite – A well designed and capable backpacking stove

I began to get more serious about hiking and camping in 2016, and with this new interest came a need for gear that would last me years. Of the gear I purchased in 2016, was a backpacking stove. I weighed the pros and cons of a wood stove versus that of a gas stove. After considering, realistically, the locations in which I would use such a stove I considered that the generally forested hikes that I would go on would provide me with sufficient, free fuel in the form of sticks and twigs that I could burn. And boy, does this stove burn.

The double walled design of the stove allows oxygen and airflow to be absorbed through the vents at the bottom of the stove while releasing pre-heated oxygen towards the top of the flame. Despite it’s closed design the flame burns hot and efficiently as the vents prove to allow more than adequate oxygen intake. After a burn, you’ll notice that you’re left with solid white ash, an indicator that all burnable mass has been in fact burned, no waste.

Once a fire is started, a couple cups of water that would be required to cook a Backpacker’s Pantry meal takes all but a few minutes to bring to a boil. This is on par with that of it’s gas powered brothers of different brands that are commonly used.

At a slim 9oz, you surely won’t be weighed down and it’s small enough to not take up too much pack real-estate. It’s size is similar to that of the fuel canisters used by those who cook with gas, and at a weight that is much less.


  • Small footprint / Doesn’t take up much pack space.
  • Lightweight (9oz)
  • Free fuel (twigs/sticks/pinecones/biomass)
  • Burns hot and boils water fast


  • Price ($70)
  • Have to collect your own fuel and/or process wood if wet.
  • Wood stove will turn pots/pans black. Doesn’t bother me, but bothers some.
  • Non-adjustable flame.
Boiling water with my SoloStove
Boiling water with my SoloStove

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