Knobstone Trail – Deam Lake to Leota


The Knobstone Trail is Indiana’s longest hiking trail, at 46 or 48 miles in length depending on how you choose to finish the loop at the end. On 06/27 I set out to do a thru-hike, but due to heat fatigue and low mileage accomplished on day 1, I decided to leave the trail on the morning of the 28th since I was already near an accessible trailhead.

I returned a couple days later with plans to do an overnighter between Pixley Knob Road and Leota, a 16 mile stretch. Although it wasn’t planned, I somehow pushed through and did the 16 mile hike in one go without requiring an overnighter, the last few miles of which was done in the rain and a storm. Funny how plans can change on the trail.

This trip also proved useful for the Knobstone hiking guide I am working on, as I took a photo and added a GPS waypoint to a map for each stream (with water) and campsite that I crossed. This will prove to be a useful resource for future hikers as I’ve yet to find a map with campsites or streams available.

I look forward to returning within the next couple weeks and completing miles 26-46, which I hope to accomplish in a future single overnight hike.